Business Plan

Ideal for one-off projects or lengthy and tedious administrative tasks.
These are pre-paid hours. Purchasing any of our hourly buckets means you agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy.
What kinds of stuff can I request?
Consider us your helping hand, a receptionist, secretary, data analyst or a project manager. We won't be able to do anything fancy like making a website but we would be able to research your competitor websites, suggest some cool features and identify potential leads to market your site. Moreover we will also find you the right people to make that website and also manage them if you want.
Why hourly plan?
Many Startups and SMEs do not have a constant flow of administrative work and therefore do not need a full time staff. The needs are pretty much temporary or occasional. Hence the hourly plan so you know that you always have someone to step-in when the need arises.
I was tanning in Hawaii when my hours expired.
Don't worry! You can renew the expired hours @ $5 per hour.
Why a dedicated assistant?
Okay you have lots of admin work and have your own cool way of doing it. Moreover it matters to you who handles your work and prefer dealing with one person directly.

A dedicated assistant is a single assistant who handles each single request you send in. You get to choose the working hours of your assistant and train them to learn your preferred way of doing things.