What Efficise can do?

We are a team of Virtual Assistants taking care of your personal and administrative tasks. We can handle just about anything that does not require our physical presence and is not something that will get us in any kind of trouble. Click here for a list of services we offer.

What Efficise won't do?

• We will not do anything which is legally, ethically and morally wrong or harms any person or a body
• We will not do any sort of gambling related tasks
• We will not do any spam; neither will we help you in promoting spam
• We will not do anything which we are not comfortable with

Is there any Setup fee?

Not at all. You pay only in accordance with the plan you choose.

Do you provide services in languages other than English?

Not yet but we plan to. We can always find you someone who speaks your language.

How do you maintain privacy of your clients?

All the information you share with us is stored in your personal profile. These profiles are secured by SSL certificates that enable you to securely enter and modify all your information. All your confidential information will always be kept between Efficise and you only.

How is the information, files or accounts shared via 3rd party sites safeguarded?

We do accept sharing files, accounts or other information via 3rd party sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, LastPass etc. In addition to the policies of such 3rd party sites we ensure the shared information is only accessed and used for performing a task, as per the client's instructions. We guarantee no misuse or unauthorized access to shared information. All that you share will always be kept between Efficise and you only.

Is there a contract? How do I cancel my membership?

No we do not tie you in any contracts. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your "BlueSnap Customer Account", details are listed in the "Manage Account" section of your profile.

What is your refund policy?

Efficise does not offer any refunds on any purchase made on Efficise.com. All refund requests will be subject to the discretion of Efficise Management. Moreover below mentioned points must be taken into consideration.

  • Ongoing subscriptions and recurring charges may be cancelled at any time. The cancellation will take place as from the next period of billing.
  • You can manage your subscriptions directly from your “BlueSnap Customer Account”. If you fail to cancel your subscription before the next billing date and subsequently a charge is made, no refunds will be entertained.
  • Refunds requests for non-usage of plan tasks, hours or expired hours by the customer are not entertained.
  • Refunds are not applicable on the products/services bought on behalf of client on client’s instructions.
  • In case of any lack or shortfall in service, Efficise will make every possible effort to overcome that shortfall by reworking on the project or task.
  • Gift subscription purchases are not applicable for any refunds.

Why Individual plan?

Individual plan is ideal for busy individuals and professionals who need Personal Assistants to care of their routine personal tasks.

What kinds of stuff can I request?

Just about anything that does not require physical presence and can be completed within 15-30 minutes. Scheduling appointments, Travel planning, Paying bills, Getting prescriptions refilled, Finding the best deals, Conducting research etc.

What if I run out of available requests in a month?

If you ever run out of available requests, you can always buy more at a flat rate of $3.00/request without the need to upgrade your plan.

What happens to the remaining tasks or hours balance at the end of the billing cycle?

The remaining tasks or hours balance at the end of the billing cycle do not rollover. However you can always downgrade to a smaller plan.

Why bonus hours?

Occasionally you may have tasks that may take more than 30 minutes to complete, therefore instead of switching to a bigger plan, you can use these hours towards the extra time.

How does task prioritization work?

Getting the best price on the new iPad when there is a promotion running can be really exciting. You can prioritize up to 2 requests daily, these will have the minimum turnaround time and will be catered before any other tasks. Promise!

How does a recurring task work?

Have a task you want to get done at a future date or may be daily? Our dashboard has a cool feature that lets you schedule such tasks that are handled by the assistants at the respective times. You won't even need to follow up!

How does a reminder work?

Getting things done is good but remembering to get them done in the first place is more important!
We offer reminders as a Free bonus. You can set unlimited reminders and choose to be reminded by email, phone, Skype or SMS.

Why Business plan?

The Business Plan is ideal for Entrepreneurs and startups who need help with their ever increasing work load.

What kinds of stuff can I request?

Consider us your helping hand, a receptionist, secretary, data analyst or a project manager. We won't be able to do anything fancy like making a website but we would be able to research your competitor websites, suggest some cool features and identify potential leads to market your site. Moreover we will also find you the right people to make that website and also manage them if you want.

Why hourly plan?

Many Startups and SMEs do not have a constant flow of administrative work and therefore do not need a full time staff. The needs are pretty much temporary or occasional. Hence the hourly plan so you know that you always have someone to step-in when the need arises.

I was tanning in Hawaii when my hours expired.

Don't worry! You can renew the expired hours @ $5 per hour.

Why a dedicated assistant?

Okay you have lots of admin work and have your own cool way of doing it. Moreover it matters to you who handles your work and prefer dealing with one person directly.
A dedicated assistant is a single assistant who handles each single request you send in. You get to choose the working hours of your assistant and train them to learn your preferred way of doing things.