Individual Plan

Ideal for smaller routine personal tasks.

This is a monthly recurring subscription. Subscribing to any of our plans means you agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy.
What kinds of stuff can I request?
Just about anything that does not require our physical presence and can be completed within 15-30 minutes. Scheduling appointments, Travel planning, Paying bills, Getting prescriptions refilled, Finding the best deals, Conducting research etc. Click here for a list of services we offer.
What if I run out of available requests in a month but do not want to change my plan?
If you ever run out of available requests, you can always buy more at a flat rate of $3/request without the need to upgrade your plan.
Why bonus hours?
Occasionally you may have tasks that may take more than 30 minutes to complete, therefore instead of switching to a bigger plan, you can use these hours towards the extra time.
What happens to the remaining tasks or hours balance at the end of the billing cycle?
The remaining tasks or hours balance at the end of the billing cycle do not rollover. However you can always downgrade to a smaller plan.
How does a recurring task work?
Have a task you want to get done at a future date or may be daily? Our dashboard has a cool feature that lets you schedule such tasks that are handled by the assistants at the respective times. You won't even need to follow up!
How does a reminder work?
Getting things done is good but remembering to get them done in the first place is more important!

We offer reminders as a Free bonus. You can set unlimited reminders and choose to be reminded by email, phone, Skype or SMS.
How does task prioritization work?
Getting the best price on the new iPad when there is a promotion running can be really exciting. You can prioritize up to 2 requests daily, these will have the minimum turnaround time and will be catered before any other tasks. Promise!