Services We Offer


  • Need to make an appointment with your doctor?
  • Book a massage?
  • Schedule a pick up and drop off?
  • Get a prescription refilled?
  • Schedule a meeting with your business associate?
  • Arrange a get-together of your college friends?

  • Just send us the details like your preferred times, venue and contact details and we’ll take care of the rest. Efficise can make calls on your behalf to anywhere in the world, whether it’s a cell phone or a landline. Moreover our assistants know very well how to present themselves when representing you.


  • It’s your wedding anniversary and you need to book a table with best view in the most romantic restaurant in town?
  • Travelling to another city or country and need to reserve a hotel for your stay?
  • Need to book tickets for the most awaited concert in your city?
  • In Paris and need tickets to a Opera performance?
  • Need to book seats to your favorite sports match?

  • Just provide your preferences or let our assistants find the best options and make the necessary arrangements, all you’ll need to do is prepare for and enjoy whatever the occasion it is.


  • Need to find the best deals on a product or service?
  • Need help finding universities that offer the program you are interested in?
  • Need help in deciding whether to buy a product or use a service?
  • Locate vendors and find the best price for the job?
  • Find DIY how-tos to learn, make or repair something?
  • Find best shipping rates to send a package?

  • All of this and a whole lot more. Our assistants love doing research; it’s a game like challenge for us. We use all of our sources to find whatever you are looking for, from doing online research to making calls or emailing, we’ll leave no stone unturned to find it for you.


  • Need help deciding your getaway destination this summer?
  • Finding the cheapest airfares to your vacation destination?
  • Finding the best resort at your dream destination?
  • Compiling a list of must see attractions or things to do?
  • Need to know how and what to pack for your journey?
  • Looking for tips on how to travel on a budget?
  • Need information on travelling documents and visa?

  • We have got it all covered. At Efficise, travelling is a passion for all of us. We’ll go above and beyond to help you design an itinerary that will be unique to your taste and one that will leave you with memories to cherish for lifetime. But we won’t just stop there, whether its leisure or a business trip, we won’t just stop at planning but will also help you make all the necessary arrangements.

Social Media Management

  • Need help improving your social media presence?
  • Having trouble keeping your social media accounts updated on regular basis?
  • Not sure how to promote yourself or your business online?

  • Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform, our assistants are well-versed on each. We’ll analyze your social media accounts and design a marketing strategy or suggest improvements. We’ll also implement the strategy by scheduling posts using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Problem Solving

  • Ordered a product online that’s defective?
  • Were promised a discount that you did not receive?
  • Need to dispute charges for a product or service you did not order or were overcharged?
  • Having trouble closing an account with a company?
  • Having trouble upgrading a flight?
  • Need early check-in into a hotel?

  • Resolving issues like these take time and not to mention the long hold time on calls. Our assistants will be happy to stay on long holds and either patch you through when they are able to reach a rep or take things in their own hands and resolve it for you. No promises, but we’ll try everything possible to resolve it in your favor.

Posting Ads Online

Nowadays many people have taken their businesses online. Whether it’s a service you provide, or a product you manufacture or if you run a warehouse selling a variety of items. We can help you with posting ads for you on websites like eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Kijiji etc. Posting an ad each time, uploading pictures and drafting description can be cumbersome. Our assistants will be happy to do this for you whether you post once a week, a few times a month or even if you are a hardcore seller with posting new ads daily.

Organizing Expenses & Invoicing

Are you struggling with organizing receipts, paying bills, tracking expenses or generating invoices? Are you fond of spreadsheets or use online websites like or Our assistants have hands-on experience on various software and platforms and can save you the trouble.

Document conversion, formatting & proofreading

Whether it is a course assignment, business presentation, expense report or any other document on Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or any similar software; our assistants with impeccable English will do the proofreading and formatting as per your specifications. Moreover we have invested in software capable of converting document into various formats. In case we are not able to find a convertor, we’ll still figure out a way to get it done for you.

Managing & Handling Email Correspondence

Striving for Inbox Zero? Let Efficise assistants take the challenge. It is part of their training at Efficise to keep their emails uncluttered at all times and to never miss out any emails from clients. If they can do it for themselves, they can also do it for you. You can also let our assistants handle your email correspondence by labeling and archiving, responding to emails as per your instructions or forwarding the important ones to you.

Calendar Management

So you are a busy person with our daily life documented on your calendar? Let our assistants organize and manage your calendar. You can share your calendar with us or provide us access, then forward any email correspondence with invitations to events or meeting confirmations and we will schedule it on your calendar, inviting other attendees and setting up reminders.

WordPress related tasks

If you have a blog or website hosted on WordPress or any other CMS, our assistants can help you with a variety of tasks. Keeping your plugins and themes up-to-date, posting, removing or formatting content, installing themes and plugins and making other minor adjustments to layout and content.

And a whole lot more…

This is not an extensive list and there are many creative ways our clients are using our service. Whether it is data entry, transcribing images or audio, basic video or image editing, almost daily we are doing something new. So if you are not sure, contact us and find out if we can help.

For more task ideas and real-life examples of how clients are using Efficise, visit our Blog or follow us on Twitter @efficise

Services we do not offer

Our assistants do not have any specialized or technical knowledge of any professional field and therefore use of professional software or applications that require specific skillset is also out of our service scope. Below is a non-exhaustive list of services we do not provide.

Web development

Content writing

Software development


Sales & Marketing


Online marketing

In-bound calls

Audio or video production or editing

Lead Generation

Human Resource Management