Tasks of the Week: Travel Packing List

Here are just a few ways the virtual assistants at Efficise are helping some busy people tackle their to-do list.

travel packing list

Travel Packing List
John needed suggestions on the things that he can pack in a backpack or a small suitcase while travelling by air. Since there are way too many options and suggestions on this topic, he asked us to provide him a list of things that were suitable for him. We honored John’s request, did some research, used some of our common sense and provided him a list of all the essential items that were appropriate specifically to John’s style and travel plans.

Research on Helicopter Experiences
John was planning to surprise his wife on her birthday by taking her on a helicopter ride. Confused as which service will provide them the true value for money, he asked us to help him out. We noted down his requirements and immediately started making some calls of our own to find out about the helicopter services operating from his desired areas. We were able to narrow down a few services with best offers and inclusions and John ended up booking one from the options we provided.

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Tasks of the Week: Things To Do in Beijing

A list of actual tasks Efficise assistants completed last week.

Things to Do in Beijing
John was planning a trip to Beijing, China and asked us for help in compiling a list of top things to do. As always, excited about discovering new places and travelling in general, we got on to the task and were immediately blown away by how much there is to do and experience in Beijing, not to forget The Great Wall of China. We consulted sites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and various articles from travel bloggers to determine the top attractions, shopping places, travel guides and restaurants within John’s budget. All the information along with addresses and links was sent to john in a beautiful word document.

From MailChimp to AWeber
An email marketing system is a must for every business these days, MailChimp and AWeber among the top email services are often used together by most for the features and flexibility they offer. John was using MailChimp and recently started trying his hands on AWeber. Although migrating lists between the two is easy, the problem was the custom email templates. We at Efficise being familiar with both the systems had no difficulty in recreating exactly the same templates in AWeber. Continue reading

Tasks of the Week: Finding a Cleaning Lady

A list of actual tasks Efficise assistants completed last week.

cleaning lady

Cleaning Lady
Jane was looking forward to hire the services of a cleaning lady. But with too many options to decide from, she wanted to shortlist her options to the top 5. She therefore got in touch with us and asked us to find the top 5 reviewed cleaning ladies in the Los Angeles area. With her requirements in mind, we set off on our research and were able to get back to her with the best options for her along with the contact details for each cleaning lady so that she can book their appointments.

Personal Credit Card Promotions
Let’s admit it over here – we all love when we get special promotions on our credit cards! It’s our time to reap the benefits of having a credit card and maintaining a good credit history, and we are always on a lookout for a new promotion on our credit card every month. John, being a new credit card holder and one with a good credit history was on the lookout for the same and asked us to do a research on the current credit card promotions, breaking down all the costs involved and comparing these promotions to the actual value. Although a detailed task, but we managed to come up with a detailed report for John which met all his requirements.

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