Useful Hacks to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

December 6, 2021 by No Comments

Remote work is no longer an add-on to conventional business practices. It is a powerful tool for companies and individuals; evolving the way we work. 

Here are some suggestions for repurposing your precious time, focus and efforts in order to increase productivity:

Set smart goals:

A smart goal is any target you have that is:

Specific: Be specific about what you want to accomplish.

Measurable: A system, method and procedure must be mentioned which determines to what extent the target moment has been achieved (measurable goals).

Achievable: Choose an objective that, while it requires you to push yourself, is also attainable.

Realistic: The objective must be challenging and bring benefits to the employees involved. They must also have the capacity, resources and authority to get started

Time-Bound: Allocate feasible time to reach the goal.

Make lists:

Make lists to keep yourself organized and focused, especially when overwhelmed. This would help you keep a check on the progress and stay on track.

Find your ideal timing:

Recognize when you are most productive and effective. The ideal time will be the time when you are the most focused, energetic and motivated. Identify your peak focus time for making the most of your time. Allocate that time for deep work or important tasks.

One task at a time: 

Instead of multitasking, commit your focus to the task at hand and you’ll see your productivity rise. Instead of juggling several tasks and not being able to complete any; start a task, finish it completely, then move on to the next one.

Plan ahead:

Plan things out ahead of time, put systems into place, and limit the number of real decisions you need to make. This will also reduce the stress of decision making.

Automate what can be automated:

Automate repetitive/non-core tasks. Create generic responses and automate.


Go through your to-do list, review each task and decide what you want to do with it. What needs your immediate attention and what do you want to get done first. This will help you get things done on time.

Take smart breaks: 

Take smart breaks to increase productivity and avoid burnout. Take a best practice break; detach, move, socialize. Breaks during the trough and recovery periods will reset mental energy and improve focus for analytical tasks.


Delegate menial tasks so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Delegating the mundane and unimportant tasks will free up your time, energy and focus and will also relieve the stress of workload.