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How our Virtual Assistants can help?

We can handle both your personal and professional tasks so you can focus on what's really important.

I’ve used them for everything from making appointments, getting quotes, booking in tradesmen, online research for a book, my websites and even anniversary restaurants for my wife.

James Tyas Agile Business Analyst at HSBC
Essex, United Kingdom

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  • Schedule appointments with your doctor or hair stylist
  • Dispute charges when you are wrongly or overcharged
  • Find handyman for repairs around your house
  • Arrange friends or family reunion
  • Find best deals on your favorite products or services
  • Find doctors or dentists covered by your insurance
  • Compare items before you decide to buy
  • Check product availability
  • Make arrangements when you are moving to another city
  • Find activities or summer programs for your kids
  • Send gifts to your family and friends
  • Send flowers to your wife
  • Handle email correspondence on your behalf
  • Locate venues for your next conference
  • Schedule meetings with your clients
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Convert PDFs to word or excel
  • Proofread content for your blog or reports
  • Get price quotes from multiple vendors
  • Make lunch and dinner reservations
  • Format documents or presentations
  • Keep your website up to date
  • Send gifts to your clients or co-workers
  • Plan and arrange your business trips
  • Gather info for your next article
  • Find co-working spaces
  • Research and find places you can visit this summer
  • Prepare custom itineraries for upcoming trips
  • Get information on flight upgrades
  • Find services near your hotel
  • Get quotes on car rentals
  • Make a list of things to do at your destination
  • Confirm and customize your reservations
  • Find best fares on direct flights
  • Find the top restaurants
  • Arrange pickup services
  • Find the best options to travel within a city
  • Make a list of what you need to pack
  • Find hotels within your budget
  • Track lost luggage

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Here's what others have used Efficise for

Their communication is clear and concise and work well over email and the dashboard. The type of tasks I request regularly are: contacting my children’s school, dinner reservations, setting up appointments, personal and family diary management, hotel and expense receipt requests, quotations/pre shop quotes, billing enquiries, arranging repairs and general admin/data entry.

Dawn Denton Head of Service Provider Marketing at Cisco
Sydney, Australia

I found their staff professional, prompt and efficient. They did a good amount of online research, including local restaurants, travel itinerary planning, and general research for some of my personal interests.

Gene Zhang Software Engineer at Marchex
Seattle, WA, United States of America

Stuff around WordPress, eventbrite, Hootsuite, Facebook, research, proofreading and making podcast appointments has been great. I feel much clearer and organised already.

Bernie J Mitchell Blogger & Podcaster at Engaging People
London, United Kingdom

I do not have to give them instructions each time and I am always sure they will be followed correctly. They have taken care of my flight check-ins and travel arrangements on regular basis. They have also been helping me with various research tasks, online purchases and taking care of phone calls with lengthy wait times which is a big time saver.

Don Ellingsworth Sr Software Developer at 3M Electronic Monitoring Ltd.
Tampa, FL, United States of America

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