Tips to Improve Communication with your Virtual Assistant

December 18, 2020 by No Comments

Communication is the key to success in life, work and relationships. Good communication promotes healthy relationships which results in positive outcomes.

Communication is crucial when you are working with a virtual assistant. The end result you have in mind and the quality of work you require is completely dependent on how effectively you communicate your vision to your VA.

Listed below are the tips to help you effectively communicate with your VA:

Be clear

Be clear about your requirements and clearly address the procedures and goals to avoid confusion. 


To the point, smart and concise description of the objectives ensures better understanding of the expectations and outcomes. Brief overview of the task enables your VA to easily ascertain the scope of work. 

Use simple words

Use simple vocabulary and sentences. Choice of simple and easy words ensures clear and accurate understanding and promotes efficient communication between you and your VA. 

Include only need to know details

Sharing unrelated or unimportant details will create confusion and misunderstanding. Only share relevant information. It will be readily comprehensible and would save valuable time. 

Choose the right tools of communication

Carefully select the appropriate tools for the efficient communication with your VA. Use Email, chat, video or audio call, voice notes, written document, PowerPoint presentation or any other tool that suits you and helps you easily communicate.

Provide helpful context alongside written and/or verbal communication

Do paraphrase to ensure clarity in instructional communications. Providing sufficient information and guidelines to give clear understanding of the task at hand will lead your VA to easily comprehend and complete the work. 

Clear, accurate and concise communication with your VA will save time, produce good results and create a healthy working relationship.