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Productivity is different for everyone

Productivity varies from person to person and situations. Everyone believes their way of managing work is the most productive for them but oftentimes it’s the opposite. Here’s what we think is productive VS what actually is: Multitasking Some people do find multitasking productive and think that switching from tasks keeps the procrastination at bay as […]

Delegating Outsourcing Virtual Assistance Virtual Assistant

Why you need a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is the personal help you need for day to day tasks that take up a lot of your precious time which you could have spent on other important matters.  You can delegate from menial or non-core tasks like scheduling meetings, appointments, communication, formatting documents, composing and organizing emails, presentations, social media assistance and […]

Delegating Tips

What’s been keeping you from delegating?

How to give clear and effective instructions in the easiest/shortest way possible.