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Plans & Pricing

Flexible plans to match any workload.

5 tasks

$20 Per Month

15 tasks

$45 Per Month

30 tasks

$75 Per month

50 tasks

$100 Per month
30 minutes/task All Features No contracts

This is a monthly recurring subscription. Subscribing to any of our plans means you agree to our TOS & Privacy Policy.

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All Plans Include These Features

Recurring Tasks

Don't get stuck on repeat! Need something done daily or weekly? Easily setup a recurring task and forget about it.

Priority Tasks

Have something super urgent? Mark a task as priority and we'll get on to it before anything else.

Secure Sharing

Give access to your accounts without sharing too much. We support password sharing via LastPass.

More Time

Each task credit gives you upto 30 minutes of work. If it is going to take more time, simply assign more task credits.

Progress Tracking

We don't leave you wondering what happened to that task. Simply log in & check progress on any task, any time.

Set Preferences

Do you always like to have the window seat on your flights? Set your preferences in your profile & avoid repeating each time.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I always turn to Efficise for my VA help, and I’m very grateful for the partnership we share. Working with Efficise is always a pleasure. I’ve worked with the team on a variety of levels, from mundane, tedious tasks, to creative research projects on the web.

Mason Richman Co-Founder at Trove Market
San Francisco Bay Area, United States of America

Efficise is a personal assistant company of good value. They complete tasks in a timely manner and each task is completed in such a way as to make your life simpler and easier. I would highly recommend using Efficise as it will save you tremendous amounts of time and energy!

Newton Chan Business Advisor at Insight Optics
Greater Atlanta Area, United States of America

Since the beginning, I’ve been very impressed by the constant quality and efficiency of the work they have provided. I tried a couple of VAs before them but they deliver better quality than the others! Efficise really saves me time.

Paul Pilavachi IT Engineer
Brussels Area, Belgium

I have been very pleased with my experience with Efficise. Efficise was the ONLY experience that held value AND integrity simultaneously. great decision for my business and my sanity!

Amy McLoughlin Owner, Care Coordinator at Compassionate Hands
Wisconsin Area, United States of America

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Efficise help me with?

Just about anything that does not require our physical presence. Anything that can be done by someone who is smart and internet savvy. See some examples here.

Can you make calls on my behalf?

Yes! We can call land lines and mobile phones in most countries, except for some toll free numbers.

Can you provide an assistant who speaks another language?

We only provide English-speaking assistants.

Will I get the same assistant for every task?

No! A team of assistants will handle your tasks. However you may see one assistant more than others. If you'd like a dedicated assistant, get in touch.

What if I have an urgent task?

You can mark upto two tasks as priority within 24 hours. We'll leave everything else and get onto it right away. However lengthy tasks that may require a couple of hours can not be handled on priority.

What if I have a task that I want repeated?

You can setup a future or recurring task. Just choose when you would like the task to be done and how often then forget about it. We will handle the task each time it becomes due.

Can I share passwords with the assistants?

Yes! You can securely share your login credentials with the team via LastPass.

What if I have a lengthy task?

If a task is going to take more than 30 minutes, the assistant will send you an update asking you to approve the use of additional task credits. You may also pre-assign additional task credits.

What if I run out of available task credits in a month?

You can wait for your subscription to renew or get extra task credits for $5/task.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription from your BlueSnap account. This will be created automatically when you sign up. Any change in subscription will be effective from next billing date.

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