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From all the ones I have worked with, Efficise offers the best value for money. The VA’s they work with are knowledgeable, responsive and I find their online platform for giving tasks extremely easy to use and to follow up upon.

Lien De Pau Founder at Zeker Van Haar Zaak
Flanders, Belgium

A virtual personal assistant can tackle anything on your to-do list, so you can focus on your LOVE-to-do list.


Make orthopedic doctor reservation for bad knee. Please try to reserve appointment with Doctor as soon as possible on Monday or Tuesday in the Santa Monica area. Put appointment in Google calendar.


Can you help us locate a bunch of San Diego County companies that are basically mobile carnivals that you can rent? A few game booths are fine. Please provide contact info and pricing to rent a carnival.


I am visiting San Diego area this weekend & staying at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Can you please find out what shops, restaurants, bars and activities, there are within 1-3 miles of this resort?

Social Media

Every week can you search for new articles on Artificial Intelligence and using Hootsuite schedule them on my Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts?

Features that make your life easier

Recurring Tasks

Don't get stuck on repeat! Need something done daily or weekly? Easily setup a recurring task and forget about it.

Priority Tasks

Have something super urgent? Mark a task as priority and we'll get on to it before anything else.

Secure Sharing

Give access to your accounts without sharing too much. We support password sharing via LastPass.

More Time

Each task credit gives you upto 30 minutes of work. If it is going to take more time, simply assign more task credits.

Progress Tracking

We don't leave you wondering what happened to that task. Simply log in & check progress on any task, any time.

Set Preferences

Do you always like to have the window seat on your flights? Set your preferences in your profile & avoid repeating each time.

What our clients say about us

Efficise represents fantastic value. Their quality is brilliant. I love the peace-of-mind from knowing that I can send a task to a VA when I am short on time.

Sridhar Dhanapalan Co-Founder at CareerNexus
Melbourne, Australia

They are very reliable and deliver consistently good quality of work. In terms of value, you just can’t beat Efficise. Thanks, Efficise Team for all the great work and for making my life easier!

Jock Breitwieser Director Corporate Communications at TriNet
San Jose, CA, United States of America

I have been really impressed with Efficise. It’s good value. The tasks are completed to a high standard, and very often they seem to go above and beyond. Tasks are completed pretty quickly, and there’s always a very full response showing what they’ve done.

Tom Kerswill Managing Director at Dune Root Ltd
Manchester, United Kingdom

This is so far the best task-based VA I used. The quality and speed of reaction are amazing compared to others. I also like that task can be up to 30 minutes.

Juraj Bednar Founder at DIGMIA
Slovak Republic

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5 tasks

$20 Per Month

15 tasks

$45 Per Month

30 tasks

$75 Per month

50 tasks

$100 Per month
Upto 30 mins/task All Features No contracts

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