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Virtual or remote assistance can be described as personal, administrative and a vast range of services that can be provided online from a remote location. As the mode of communication used in virtual assistance is internet-based ; there can be misunderstanding, confusion, trouble interpretation of the task or miscommunication between you and your assistant. In order to avoid such nuisance and ensure smooth and efficient work process ; it is recommended that you create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for your assistant.

Here’s how to create practicable SOPs:

List down the tasks you would want your VA to do

First and foremost you need to recognize which tasks do you need to delegate to your VA. Now list them down and review. Be it repetitive tasks or a task that would need to be done occasionally; write down all of them. This would give you a complete picture of the work and the type of assistance you require. This would also help you in the long run as you would not have to give instructions every single time, as you would have already given instructions about the type of task in your SOPs. 

Clearly describe the standard operating procedures

Create a written document (preferably), make a video, do screen recording or voice recording of the SOPs. Choose the medium according to your requirements. Describe clearly and as briefly as possible, the procedure(s) so that there’s no confusion about how to go about the tasks. 

Create steps or phases for better understanding of the tasks

Divide complicated or long tasks into steps or phases and explain the process accordingly. Group similar, related or recurring tasks and create steps to explain the procedure clearly. This would simplify, reduce the possibility of misunderstanding and would speed up the work process. 

Focus on objective/end result

Focus and emphasize on the objective/ the end result of the tasks; while creating the SOPs. This would elucidate the standard, quality and nature of the tasks and would also clarify; what you require as the end result. 

Specify time duration of the tasks

Mention expected time a task would take to complete. Specifying the time duration of the process would ensure timely completion of the work.

Creating standard operating procedures would save you from explaining every aspect of the work, every single time. Though creating SOPs is an arduous job and would take up a lot of your time but it would definitely prove to be time saving and helpful in the long run.