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When meeting the deadline seems impossible, commitments and engagements pileup and the workload seems never ending; you need to outsource your work to relieve yourself from the stress and exhaustion. You need professional assistance that understands your requirements, can execute the work efficiently and can be relied on. Virtual assistants are trained professionals who can efficiently follow your directions and provide you with the best results. 

Here are some tips to help you effectively outsource your work to a virtual assistants: 

Identify and list the tasks

Start by identifying the tasks that does not require you to personally perform it and can be delegated easily. Make a comprehensive list of all the tasks you can outsource. Listing it down will help you identify the kind of assistance you need to allocate for the particular task. 

Categorize the tasks

Divide the tasks into following categories: 

a) The tasks that do not need your attention

The tasks that can be automated or completed by someone else quite easily. 

b) The tasks that you or your team are unable to do

The kind of tasks that require a specific set of skills and knowledge that you or your team are not capable of. Specialized skills are for example: designing skills, IT, accounting, medical knowledge or legal advice etc. 

c) The tasks that require immediate/urgent action

Identify and prioritize the tasks according to the urgency and importance. 

d) The lengthy or ongoing tasks

Recognize the length and occurrence of the task. Lengthy tasks require dedicated assistance whereas the recurring tasks require clear instructions to complete it according to the set format and standards. 

Set realistic time frame 

Establish the achievable time frame and assign adequate time for the completion of the task. This helps you set workable deadlines. 

Review progress and results

In order to stay on track, it is important to review the progress from time to time. Evaluate the results of the completed tasks to ensure the quality of work is in accordance with the standards set by you. 

Plan for future

To stay on top of the things, it is important to plan ahead strategically for future projects as to when, how and what to delegate next to your virtual assistant.