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Virtual assistants can do a multitude of tasks for you and your business from a remote location. They can virtually do everything remotely. In order to work efficiently; a virtual assistant must possess the following skills, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best results. 


Basic education and general knowledge are essential for a Virtual Assistant. A good VA should be very knowledgeable, this would help the VA understand the tasks properly and easily. 

Basic computer skills

VAs must be computer savvy, as they have to work online remotely. The basic computer skills a VA must have are: 

Good command at basic softwares like MS word, excel and PowerPoint etc. 

Basic photo/video editing 

Email, chat and recording

Browsing and internet searching

Proficient in English

Language skills are a must for VA and as English is widely spoken, written and understood more globally. All the work and correspondence will most likely be in English. VA ought to have command of the language and must be able comprehend and converse properly in English. 

Communication skills

Good working relationship and understanding requires good communication skills. As communication is the only resource in virtual assistance ; the VAs must be able to correspond efficiently with good verbal and written communication.

Internet research skills

For remote assistance many a times the internet is the only resource for knowledge and answers you require. Extensive and comprehensive internet research skills are essential for the VAs to be able to provide you the best possible results. 

Writing skills

VAs are required to be able to compose, compile and/or conclude the work impeccably in written form. From basic correspondence to professional report writing; good writing skills are utmost important for VAs.

Familiar with the tools required for your work

A good VA must have the qualification and training of the working of tools required for your work. 

Specialized tasks require a specific set of skills. For eg real estate, engineering or medical related tasks would require knowledge in their respective areas. Similarly graphic designing skills would be required for logo designing or the expertise of quick books will be required for the account related task.

Organizing and scheduling skills

Excellent organizational skills are required for seamless execution of tasks. VAs must be able to organize the entire process and documents involved in the work. 

Based on availability and convenience; timely scheduling of events, meetings, reminders, appointments or calendar scheduling is essential skill for virtual assistants.