What’s been keeping you from delegating?

July 14, 2020 by No Comments

Many a times the reason we’re reluctant to delegate is not that we don’t like anyone else’s work or do not trust anyone else’s abilities to perform. It is mostly the painstaking process of giving instructions about the work that can be delegated.

So how to give clear and effective instructions in the easiest/shortest way possible?

There are four types or modes of instructions, you can choose any type depending on the nature of task and your convenience.

Here are a few tips before we discuss the types/mode of instructions. 

– Group similar and related tasks into steps or phases. (it is not always applicable)
– Focus on objective/end result. 
– Make several small tasks of a big or lengthy task.
– Be clear and concise. 
– Specify time, duration or any constraint that involves the task at hand.

Written instructions:

Write briefly, clearly and to the point. Always helps if broken down into steps. Evernote Mendeley can be very useful for this purpose.

Pictorial instructions:

Instead of writing lengthy instructions you can draw, doodle or sketch. You can also use graphics or any form of image as aid by using Canva Easelly Milanote

Audio instructions:

Record audio instructions that can be played easily on any device. Can be send as instant message through Whatsapp business RyverSlack

Video instructions:

Record video instructions. You can actually perform how to do a particular task. Send it through email, instant messenger or upload to cloud and share. Share it through Loom Cloudapp

Now that you’re done with the arduous task that has been preventing you from delegating ;  you are finally ready to delegate and get things done.

How to delegate?

– Make a list to identify and mark the tasks that can be delegated.
– Now comes the hardest part which is dreaded the most ; the part where you have to give instructions for the work you are willing to delegate.
– Keep track on how the work is progressing. 
– Review the completed work.
– Give your feedback and appreciate your virtual assistant, staff or team you’ve delegated the work to.

Though delegating the work is taxing; it benefits you in many ways. Once you’ve effectively delegated; your time, energy, effort and resources are conserved and gradually reduces your stress level.